Integrating Satellite and Fixed Broadband at VSAT Latin America – A speaker interview

In the future, many experts predict Satellite communications will be integrated with other communication systems, such as fixed line broadband and wireless, to form a more efficient “System of Systems” – often known as 5G. Ahead of the VSAT Latin America event we spoke to speaker at the show Ademar Kin I. Iwamoto who is the Business & Technical Manager for Arycom, a company whose business is focused on integrating satellite communication with fixed broadband to provide a better service for consumers.Ademar Kin I. Iwamoto

“There are, of course, specific applications that can only be accomplished with satellite technology” he said “such as accessing parts of the world that lack telecom infrastructure or broadcasting large amounts of data to a big number of individual users. However, satellite technology is increasingly becoming a very efficient complement to other means of terrestrial telecommunications that are may be intermittent. The technology that Arycom is introducing to the Brazilian market together with Forsway, for example, offers a solution that combines satellite and conventional telecom technologies for optimized internet provision. The new Ka-Band technology will also revolutionize data transmission and internet access by offering true broadband at low cost, complementing traditional means of telecommunications.

“We further see the tendency of satellite and terrestrial cellular technologies merge as the 5G platform is developed, making any interconnection or application on the network completely compatible.

“Satellite technology is a great complement to other means of telecommunications and telecom companies can leverage on satellite to expand its services into much wider markets. The result is a broad and expanded coverage with a better and more cost-efficient service to the end-user.

“Arycom offers complete and state-of-the-art solutions for satellite communications in the Americas and is constantly prospecting partnerships with companies of cutting-edge technologies to develop and bring unique and innovative solutions to our customers. Together with our partners, we develop end-to-end solutions for our customers, integrating our technologies and value adds with theirs for maximum customer experience. The partnership with Forsway is an example of an innovative solution offering a complete package for broad coverage and high-speed internet access through optimization of existing terrestrial networks (DTH, mobile or cable), complementing them and adding new value to the end-users.

“The Arycom platform enables complete satellite communications solutions to the Brazilian market and the Americas, including internet access and mobile data over satellite, satellite telemetry, and voice services on land, at sea and in the air. We work with high-end operators such as Inmarsat and Iridium and will soon launch services in the Ka band. We have also deployed special integrated solutions for broadcast streaming and recently entered into the agribusiness sector with telemetry and business intelligence solutions.”

Arycom will discuss their service offering in more detail at the VSAT Latin America event.

“We believe that VSAT Latin America will be a great opportunity to promote the solution developed together with Forsway and to receive feedback from the market. Events like these enables us to get in touch with high level and tech executives from the sector, exchange ideas and create new business”.

To learn more about Arycom and the other speakers joining VSAT Latin America this year, visit our webite to download the full agenda

You can register to attend VSAT Latin America here
Or, if you’re an end-user you can apply for a free end user pass

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