Speaker Interview: Connecting the Unconnected through Evolving Ground Segment Technology

Elara Comunicaciones has been investing in upgrading thier ground infrastructure in Mexico. VSAT Voice caught up with Director Comercial at Elara and speaker at VSAT Latin America Maurice Soreque Salazar, to find out the rationale behind thier teleport upgrade and what this will mean for thier customers:

How is Elara innovating its service offering in Mexico?SONY DSC

Elara is an enterprise which provides telecommunication services to different kind of vertical markets. We try to adapt our services not only to customer’s needs, but also to the different vertical markets’ environment. The exchange rate, low price per barrel in the Oil & Gas industry, and the reduction in budget for government projects in Mexico have made Elara to focus on being a more innovative and creative company. We continue providing tailor-made solutions, but we also integrate more and new services to our offer. Customer Service is our main focus, what we do is to offer an integrated solution to our customer, not only satellite connectivity. We know that operation is conformed not only by connectivity, but also by a set of processes developed to ensure proper and aligned work to deliver our solution.

We have identified the need to increase bandwidth (BW) to meet the real needs of many of our customers, due to this we are developing products which may solve this necessity in a creative way, providing more benefits for the operation of our customers. High Throughput Satellites (HTS) will be an interesting tool to start exploring with our customers, and define the scope that we can have together as partners.

How is the ground infrastructure evolving? What new service do these innovations enable?

Ground infrastructure is more powerful today. New satellites combined with new ground technologies give us the ability to design more competitive solutions since we can take more advantage on the space segment.

One of our key differentiators in the offer to our customers is the use of various satellites to provide service. Even when the use of the satellite is transparent for the final user, internally we do an analysis to make the best choice for each project; in this way we can give the best cost-benefit proposal. This advantage, combined with BW optimizers and the experience of our engineers, enables Elara to serve markets thinking in a more innovative and different way.

Even though we are investing in ground infrastructure and we know there is better technology, it is very important to mention that still there is a big component on the “know how” to manage and address each vertical market.

In Elara we seek to be conservative about the optimizations new technologies can provide, this because customer service and functional solutions are very important in our final delivery to the client.

As a teleport operator in Mexico – what are the key trends you’re observing?

Today in Mexico there are more teleports than a couple of years ago. Since 2 years ago prices started decreasing, the situation in the country has changed with the Telecommunications Reform, plus customers are more informed and their requirements are clearer toward the real needs for their businesses. The natural trends we are observing in the industry are lower prices and higher BWs.

Teleports need to be effective in the way they design new solutions, they need to be able to understand the projects and let the customer understand the best way to solve it; we must comprehend and develop specific products for their main appliances. Finally Teleports must figure up how we are going to participate in the HTS solutions, and the way we can add value to final users.

In your opinion what are the key innovations in the satellite industry in general?

In Latin-America we have been talking about HTS for several years, but it is this year that we finally have HTS with coverage in LatAm, and in the next years we are going to have a wider supply. Nevertheless, the next step is to apply this new technology where it makes more sense. We think there are many possibilities to take advantage of these technologies, but it is going to take a while until we find the best way to have an excellent cost-effective solution.

Final users are confused about HTS and we need to make it clearer for them about what is possible and what is not, in order to fulfil their requirements. In the medium term MEO and LEO satellites and services will have the same learning curve.

Innovation in mobility is another opportunity for this industry. Today mobile solutions are expensive and only a few projects have the budget to use the actual technologies. Develop alternatives at a lower costs and with higher capacity in order to meet the needs of this sector will be a priority in the short term.

Why do you think the VSAT Latin America is such an important show?

Emergent markets represent the best alternative of growth in the satellite industry. Latin-America has great potential for the satellite technology.

The connectivity needs in our countries are enormous, our orography makes it difficult for terrestrial infrastructure and our governments are interested in supporting the reduction of the digital divide.

As a whole industry we need to converge in the best way to take advantage of the technologies. The VSAT Latin America summit is a great opportunity to exchange points of view and to understand the way of thinking of each link within the supply chain.

Maurice will be joining VSAT Latin America on the 21st of September to discuss “Is an Oversupply Scenario Coming to Latin America?”

Panel Discussion: Is an Oversupply Scenario Coming to Latin America?
– Where is the new capacity coming from?
– How much extra capacity will HTS and other market innovations deliver?
– Does HTS break the limits of FSS, MSS and BSS definitions?
– What will the impact of current and new national satellite programmes?
– What does this potential oversupply mean for pricing?

If you’d like to join Maurice at the event you can register to attend here
Or, if you’re an end-user you can apply for a free end user pass



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