How Telefonica is Innovating Satellite Connectivity in Peru

Ahead of the VSAT Latin America show, I caught up with speaker Martín Cabellos Gómez, Senior Product Manager– Satellite Services, Telefónica Peru, to discuss his thoughts on the industry and Martin Cabellos Gomez.

“In the last five years, Telefonica del Peru has implemented innovative solutions for different market segments” he said “We have 18 Mbps of speed HTS in Ka Band for corporate and government segments. Regarding the extension of the MPLS network, we have added value components of enterprise management security and connectivity to our Datacenters. All these are managed from the Satellite NOC (Network Operation Center) and SOC (Security Operation Center) that are the most modern in Latam located in the ground station in Lurin – Lima and Surquillo – Lima.”

“Although our corporate VSAT solutions in Ku Band and SCPC, are still the most available and the best SLAs in the market, delivering options with HUBs and backup satellites.”

“We currently have more than 1,200 implemented sites with HTS-GEO in Ka Band, delivering Internet access services, extension of the corporate MPLS and, as 3G mobile backhaul for government and corporate clients. In the future we will keep growing with new Spot Beams adquired in other HTS.

“We currently have implemented solutions with HTS-GEO in Ka Band for 3G mobile backhaul delivering voice and data access for many locations in where there is an EBC and that needs to be connected to mobile core.

“As part of the trends that we are testing, we are integrating our satellite networks in HTS with ground segment architecture based on Software Defined Networking (SDN), addressing current and future needs with one services platform that supports both fixed, SATCOM applications. Service expansion can be achieved to markets such as enterprise, cellular Backhaul, Cloud Data Centers , Internet of Things and M2M.

Martín  will be discussion VSAT Enterprise Market for HTS-Based Services at this year’s VSAT Latin America show, which will be taking place in Sao Paulo on the 21-22nd June.

“VSAT LATAM is the most important event for satellite industry in the region. Its approach has an enormous impact on the satellite business in Latam. Is considered as a major date for every single SATCOM professionals in order to understand business scenarios and technological tendencies that will impact on satellite communications further.”

If you’re interested in registering for VSAT Latin America, or would like to find out more about the event, including downloading the full agenda, please visit our website now;

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