The Next-Generation of Satellites Starts Now…

Guest Blog by Intelsat

One of the biggest challenges facing VSAT customers today is having access to the necessary bandwidth, at the right place, the right time and the right economics.

Intelsat recently made history with the successful launch of the Intelsat 29e satellite. The first of the company’s Intelsat EpicNG high throughput satellites, Intelsat 29e’s open architecture design and backward compatibility will deliver higher performance and better economics to our customers, enabling them to expand their addressable markets and grow their revenue base at a much lower total cost of capital.

Intelsat EpicNG is the world’s first all-digital commercial satellite platform. It represents the latest generation of high performance technology that Boeing initially developed for use on the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Wideband Global SATCOM (“WGS”) satellites. Now provided exclusively for commercial use on the Intelsat EpicNG satellite platform, the digital payload allows connectivity in any bandwidth increment from any beam to any beam.

IS-29e will deliver enterprise-grade services to corporate networks, aeronautical and maritime service providers and government customers operating throughout the Americas. In addition, it will provide carrier grade services to fixed and mobile network operators in the region.

The second Intelsat EpicNG satellite, Intelsat 33e, is set to launch later this year, and will deliver carrier-grade, committed data rate services across Africa, Europe and Asia, providing enterprise solutions to commercial and government customers, as well as broadband mobility coverage across aero and shipping routes for aeronautical, maritime and oil and gas network providers. The Horizons 3e satellite, expected to launch in the second half of 2018, will cover the Pacific Ocean region, completing the global coverage of our new Intelsat EpicNG constellation, and providing a worldwide network of high-throughput, Ku-band and C-band spot beams.

An overlay to our traditional satellite constellation, Intelsat EpicNG is backward compatible, enabling our existing customers the freedom to migrate to Intelsat EpicNG as it is deployed. This is in contrast to other broadband solutions that operate in Ka-band and require new VSATs to access the high throughput technology.

With real estate on ships and airplanes at a premium, being able to use an existing satellite terminal is an attractive proposition. With Intelsat EpicNG if a customer is already using a C- or Ku- VSAT, they can instantly benefit from the higher throughput and increased efficiency.

Another boon to network operators, the Intelsat EpicNG spot beam technology is shrinking the size of the necessary VSAT kits, making it easier to carry and install. What’s more, solar-powered kits will soon be available, accommodating unpredictable power supplies and bringing the benefits of high throughput technology to remote regions.

The launch of IS-29e is the start of an “EpicNG” era in global communications, bringing higher performance, lower cost and simple access to customers worldwide.


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