Keynote Speakers at VSAT 2015

With VSAT 2015 drawing closer we wanted to have a look at some of the keynote speakers.

Some of the events most notable speakers to look out for include: Jon Godfrey (General Manager Paradigm communications), Mathew O’Connor (COO at Avanti Communications) and David Hartshorn (Secretary General Global VSAT Forum), Garr Stephenson (Vice President of Airborne COTM UltiSat),  Reza Rasoulian (Global Head of Connectivity at Carnival Corporation) and Aditya Chatterjee (CTO of Global Eagle Entertainment).

Topical discussions and talks being delivered by theses engaging and highly experienced speakers include: The Importance of connectivity in Maritime, How can VSAT Become Competitive in the Mobility Market, Increasing the Accessibility of VSAT, future of satellite – 5 years from now and many many other areas.

Find out more about a few of these dynamic and inspiring speakers in our next instalments when we will focus on a couple of their chosen topics, their backgrounds in the industry and the details of when you can catch them live at the event.

There is still time to get involved with this year’s event held at the Royal Garden Hotel, London. 16-18th September 2015. 50+ keynote speakers, VSAT Blog, Annual VSAT Awards and 1-to-1 meetings.


Notes to editors

For further information contact Tony Talbot Technical Sales Manager, on: 01432 373828 or

About GRC

GRC Ltd is an independent company based in the UK and Dubai specialising in the design and development of mission critical communication and situational awareness systems. Our products are used by the military, Government Agencies, NGOs, oil and gas and other commercial organisations which operate in challenging environments across the globe.

GRC’s design and engineering teams comprise ex end-user specialists whose backgrounds in protection force communications enables us to provide unrivalled operational knowledge and technical expertise. Our wealth of tactical and strategic understanding gives GRC an advantage over many of its competitors, allowing commercial off the shelf (COTS) and Military off the shelf (MOTS) equipment to be enhanced through integration with in-house product design.

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