Q&A with Pierre Hayaert – Satcom Strategy Partner from Airbus Defence & Space

Speakers Name: Pierre Hayaert
Job Title: Satcom Strategy Partner, Airbus Defence & Space
Company Airbus
Company URL: www.

Pierre Hayaert

Please tell us about your role?

I am Satcom strategy parner within Airbus Defence & Space. This role, focused on Airbus satcom service businesses, entails management of strategic initiatives, strategic partnerships as well as monitoring industry and market landscape, technology evolutions and competitive intelligence.

What changes have you seen in the industry over the last 12 months?

Within the satcom services industry, a lot of the attention has been focused in the past 12 month on the LEO constellations announcements. I believe those can have a long term disruptive impact and are therefore defintely important to follow, but they are on the 5+ years horizon for service start as far as service providers are concerned.

In the shorter term, the main change is how the introduction of HTS systems continues to shape and impact the satcom services industry ecosystem. I will explore this theme in my presentation

What are your priorities for the next year ahead?

The clear priority for me is to review and develop product offering of our satcom businesses so they remain competitive in the short term and longer term.

How can industry help overcome your current challenges?

I would encourage leaders in our industry to increase their awareness of the rising pressure on spectrum resources and the need to improve further our joint coordination to find solutions to secure a less uncertain future for spectrum available to the satellite industry.

What burning question would you see answered / debated at VSAT Global?

How can we raise awareness / better coordinate ourselves on the spectrum issues, in order to reduce risk for investors to fund our industry.

 Finally, in your opinion, why should people attend VSAT Global in September?

It is one of the best opportunity to network and meet people. It is neither too big – too many people and distractions – nor too small – enough high caliber people that you can network with on most topics –

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