Q&A With Martín Cabellos Gómez from Satellite Services

Speakers Name: Martín Cabellos Gómez
Job Title: Senior Product Manager – Satellite Services
Company: Telefónica del Perú
Company URL: http://www.telefonica.com.pe/grandesempresas/


Please tell us about your role?

Since 2011, I have been in charge of the satellite business at Telefonica del Peru for the enterprise as well as for government segment, product management of the Satellite product portfolio to optimize customer experience and accelerate revenue generation, maximization of the OIBDA margin, development of new products, designing products engineering, development of business models and strategic and CAPEX investments management partnership regarding teleports infrastructure modernization.

What changes have you seen in the industry over the last 12 months?

Under a global vision, we are observing how the need of more bandwidth is increasing. To keep their participation in the market, enterprises and government institutions are self optimizing permanently and so they need to reach efficiencies towards their operations of Communications and Information Technologies. A critical approach is to simplify and centralize their networks in the cloud for example, while adding new devices that need to be connected to it. To attend all of these, HTS (High Throughput Satellite) will increase the power and utility of satellite communications.

In Latam since 2015 multiple HTS satellites have been put in orbit. We expect them to provide Ka-Ku Bands services mainly oriented to open platforms that will help to a more efficient usage of spectral resources and to generate great value services. As we know, Telefonica Group took the first step on the region on year 2013. With it, is being developed a user experience and valuable offer with no current competence in Latam.

What are your priorities for the next year ahead?

To keep developing business through VSAT Enterprise products in Ka band mainly to offer IP VPN and internet access services. These last ones with a strong and differential security extra value. Although keep consolidating Enterprise VSAT products in Ku band of high availability and spectral efficiency that remains us as the main provider of satellite solutions in Peru.

How can industry help overcome your current challenges?

In the side of satellite operators, they have current plans to increase coverage in Ka and Ku bands with better PIRE and G/T, all related to HTS open platforms with lower prices per MHz. In the side of manufacturers of Base Band platform, it would be keeping improving adaptative technologies to increase spectral efficiency and availability.

What burning question would you see answered / debated at VSAT LATAM?

It would be convenient to question how industry will face facts proposed by Google and Facebook in order to universalize free internet access through a satellites constellation and which will be the impact on satellite ecosystem in the region.

Finally, in your opinion, why should people attend VSAT LATAM in July?

VSAT LATAM is the most important event for satellite industry all over the region. Its approach has an enormous impact on the satellite business in Latam. Is considered as a major date for every single SATCOM professional in order to understand business scenarios and technological tendencies that will impact on satellite communications further.


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