Q&A With Alexis Aguirre from British Telecom

Alexis Aguire

Speakers Name: Alexis Aguirre
Job Title: Senior Deal Architect
Company: British Telecom
Company URL: http://www.bt.com

Please tell us about your role?

I am a Senior Deal Architect, who leads teams (Technical, Finance, Legal, Delivery) for strategic and big opportunities during the bid phase, interacting also with the customer and all the suppliers involved in the business. It is like a Business Development Director for BT Americas (geographic scope is Americas, from Canada to Chile).

What changes have you seen in the industry over the last 12 months?

Although Brazil, the main economy in Latin America, is in some aspects in crisis, the region continues to have a high potential of market growth. Many global customers of BT are continuing to invest in new factories (like FIAT in the northeast of Brazil), stores and distribution centres (like Walmart in Central America or P&G in Brazil), mines (Anglo America in Peru, Chile and Brazil), offices and branches (like many other customers) in all countries of Latin America. In this scenario, BT must be ready to supply all the new IT and connectivity requirements, no matter the geographic location of the new facilities.

What are your priorities for the next year ahead?

The priority is continue to be the main supplier partner of our global customers, supplying fast and with an affordable cost all the new connectivity demands. BT understand that in this way, BT can continue its leadership position as one of the most important satellite services providers in the region.

How can industry help overcome your current challenges?

To continue in the leadership position, BT must evaluate how we can be more competitive in costs using all the new technologies available.

What burning question would you see answered / debated at VSAT LATAM?

A lot of discussions about the new Ka Band x current Ku Band (new at least in Brazil) and all the new HTS to be launched in the region. Discussion about Ka Band: only for consumer or also for corporate market?

Finally, in your opinion, why should people attend VSAT LATAM in July?

Providers and customers must be aware of new available technologies and understand how all this new environment can contribute with the growing of the business. HTS will seriously affect the current scenario about connectivity around Latin America (prices and availability).

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