Future of VSAT: The Results!

The title may be my extremely poor attempt at being Simon Cowell in an imaginary X-Factor style world; however I wanted to continue on from my previous post where I questioned the significance of satellite to end users, and share the results of a recent Telco survey where I put this question directly to them.

resultsWhy Telco?

Well, coming from a Telco background and with our VSAT LATAM show being co-located with Broadband World Forum, it seemed an obvious market to choose. Further to that, the market presents the highest growth opportunity, as blogged about here and with recent announcements by SpaceX here underpins why broadband connectivity is going to be a big priority for Satellite Operators for years to come.

The Here and Now

After speaking to many within the satellite space it is clear to us the benefits VSAT can provide carriers (extended coverage, reliability, fast deployment and close integration to name a few) However, what I wanted to gage from the end user perspective, was firstly the current status of satellite in their networks and then (more importantly) the role satellite will have in the next 2-3 years.

So, looking at the here and now – the survey showed that over 40% said they are ‘looking to expand satellite connectivity’ and / or ‘would like to meet satellite operators.’ Conversely 30% of responses said that they are not interested citing cost as the main detractor

Now this is where it gets interesting…

When asked how important satellite based cellular backhaul is for them today, 50% ticked ‘unnecessary’ and / or ‘unsure’

When asked how important satellite based cellular backhaul will be over the next 2-3 years over 68% ticked ‘Essential’ and / or ‘Necessary’

What does this mean?

This is a huge increase and an important insight to the end user mind-set. Clearly we are at a crucial juncture for satellite as carriers are actively looking to expand their satellite connectivity in line with their roll out of LTE and LTE advanced networks.

At the end of my previous post I asked: Do we know what they want? What do we need to do?

The answer is YES!

End users understand the need for satellite. But when only 35% of those surveyed are currently working with satellite operators – a staggering number when you think over 68% see it as vital for the future, something needs to change.

Challenges remain of course with price but the inevitable increase in supply as a result of LTE and LTE-A means satellite based solutions can soon compete with terrestrial on a much larger scale.

It seems to me that Satellite is on cusp of something great …and we don’t even need Simon Cowell to achieve it!

If you would like a copy of the results please send me a direct message here

*survey consisted of 40 responses from fixed, mobile & hybrid operators, ISPs, OTTs and vendors working in the Latin America region.  

Share your feedback directly with me by filling in the form below:

TTs and vendors working in the Latin America region.

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