End of an Era for VSAT or Just the Beginning?

Mark Callender, VSAT Conference Manager, shares his VSAT 2014 Series insights and Mark Callender_01where will the industry go in 2015…

An attention grabbing headline or is it the cold hard truth that VSAT is coming to a cross road fraught with change and disruption?

This may be a hyperbole but 2014’s VSAT Global series has seen satellite’s latest buzzword HTS thrown around as the operators and service providers wake up  to the scale and network effects of much larger Internet-driven ecosystems.

For all the debate across the series, current FSS models are becoming more vulnerable as a result and with an eye to 2015; will we see paradigm shift in the value chain?

And the feedback?

Well you saw the title. The disruption provides enormous potential, but it’s not always that straightforward. The technology is there but two new buzzwords will I’m sure, come to the fore in 2015; sustainability and ecosystem

I should add at this point that focus should not solely be on HTS as operators and service providers can and will gain more throughput from existing infrastructures and KA band is vital to meet growing data demands across all market segments. The purpose of this newsletter is to instead propose a key question of 2014 that we can look to answer in 2015

The view from above…

As with any change, it needs to be make business sense. Not just for now but for the long term.  The HTS paradigm shift will open up new business models and systems which must be able sustain themselves, across the entire ecosystem…whatever it may end up looking like.

This means more partnerships, manufacturers having a bigger involvement with the HTS design and more input from the end users across all market segments.

Follow the leader. But who is the leader?

So what’s the real message behind all this? Well, change is already occurring as the industry faces a period of disruption, something that doesn’t come around too often. Time will tell which initiatives, models and ecosystems will prevail and sustain themselves but after an action packed 2014, 2015 is set up to be an exciting year.

Final Thoughts…

Before we head off for Christmas and enjoy a mulled wine or two, please take time to review dates for our VSAT series next year and keep an eye out for our VSAT Voice, the industry’s newest voice. If you would like to get involved in contributing to the blog or participate in any one of our shows, please do get in touch by emailing mark.callender@informa.com for further information.

Have a Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you at one of VSAT shows in 2015!

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