VSAT Latin America Event Preview

When VSAT Latin America comes to town

In the lead up to the forthcoming VSAT Latin America event which is being held in São Paulo next week, our friends at Offcomm News have produced this exclusive show preview to help you plan your strategy before attending the event.

The return of a successful VSAT-focused event to Brazil again focuses attention on an area of growing importance for Latin America. How will the second VSAT Latin America conference reflect the needs of this fast-changing market? Vaughan O’Grady reports.

Taking place in São Paulo, Brazil, from 29-30 April 2014, the second annual VSAT Latin America conference focuses on business and consumer telecommunications, remote and rural connectivity and a number of vertical markets, such as mining,  oil and gas.

Given the success of the first VSAT Latin America, and the fast-changing nature of the satellite industry, many of those involved in the VSAT value chain will be keen to visit this Informa Telecoms & Media event to talk, network and, perhaps most importantly, find out the shape of the landscape under new legislation.


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